Windows Hosting
Windows Hosting is basically carried out on severs that use Windows operating system. Though there are several reasons to pick a Windows Hosting plan, the biggest of them is its compatibility. Users, who are seeking to use specific applications, such as Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (asp), or build a website with Microsoft Front Page, are generally recommended to choose Windows Hosting plans.

Many people who are looking for a web hosting tend to go for a Windows server. The reason is because it is much more flexible and there are a lot more options with it. Most of the people are familiar with Windows operating system .Windows hostingprovides you the familiar for managing the website. If you are comfortable in windows of your computer then it is very easy to maintain a site through windows based service. It supports ASP, ASP.NET and MSSQL scripting languages as well as databases that can be run only on windows operating system. Windows servers are easier to use than Linux operating systems and it is easier to switch from a Windows Hosting to a Linux Hosting. Therefore if you want to expand your business in the world, then windows hosting in the beginning would be the good platform for you.