Search Engine Optimization
TheGreenApple offered enhance the visibility of your website, get maximum targeted traffic, increase the return on investment with structured Search Engine Optimization campaign. We offered customized service as per your unique needs keeping in perspective long term business goals. The expert team of professionals at Star Web Maker strives to maximize your profits through Internet marketing and search engine placement. Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization process ensures an online presence that spells success.

Our SEO packages for clients:

Competitor Analysis: TheGreenApple perform thorough research on the website of your top ranking competitors to identify the unrepeatable variables of your company and business , which are factored by the search engines like Google, yahoo while calculating rankings.

Keyword Research: We choose best keywords for your company or business through keyword research tools. We are selecting the suitable keywords for your search engine optimization program is one of the most valuable aspects of website promotion like seo. Attaining high search engine rankings or search engine placements for incoherent keywords might not do any amazement to proceed your business. Hence, our company experienced SEO consultants takes the inference work out of keyword research by using tools, that tell us which key sentences search engine users usually use to locate your products.

Search Engine Optimization Tips: There is one epochal thing you require to know. Meta tags lonely do not give you a high ranking in the search engines listing. What you need is to superimpose your meta tags, title, description and your content. We select the best keyword for your company.